• Software to record computers screen to CCTV DVR / NVR

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10/12/2017. Action! You can activate trail period one more time!

Product Version Date Size
PC-CCTV для Windows,
15 days free trial 06/21/2018 18M download_eng-red
PC-CCTV PRO for Windows,
15 days free trial 03/12/2019 20M download_eng-red

Once you have purchased the license, you may always download the latest version of PC-CCTV

Examples of possible external video sources for PC-CCTV PRO.

The integration with PC-CCTV PRO is made using technology COM, Microsoft OlE Automation. All the downloads contain compiled files and source codes.

Description Software The programming language Size
Macro of Microsoft Excel, which displies text and current time in the DVR. VideoSource.xlsm Visual Basic 45K download_eng-red
WEB-site recording or youtube video recording in the DVR. For sinchronization, Event is used. ApiSampleBrowser.exe Delphi/Pascal 500k download_eng-red
Example. Drawing of time and displaying of memo. Works on timer. ApiSamplePas.exe Delphi/Pascal 500k download_eng-red

Freeware programs

Product Version Date Size
ONVIF dialog recorder 10/12/2016 1M download_eng-red
TcpUdpInfoFree 08/18/2016 1M download_eng-red