• Software to record computers screen to CCTV DVR / NVR

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In the table below you can see the list of all features supported by the different versions of PC-CCTV. Please decide which version you need and make order at the purchase page.

Features PC-CCTV PC-CCTV Pro
15 days free trial
15 days free trial
Number of media profiles 1 20
Multi-monitor support
Multiple number of streams
ONVIF support
Motion, mouse, keyboard alarms support
Broadcast of third party programs. Application programming interface.
Invisible mode
Basic HTTP  access authentication
Web Services Security UsernameToken Profile 1.0
Streaming Specification
RTP data transfer via UDP
JPEG snapshot

The explanation of the used terms

Number of media profiles

Real-time video and audio streaming configurations are set using media profiles. Media profile defines parameters of media stream: resolution, video quality, frame frequency , etc. You may need to use different profiles when you want to record or broadcast screen’s of 2 monitors or if you need broadcast stream via internet with limited channel bandwidth.

Multi-monitor support

If your computer has two or more monitors connected to the video card, the feature enables you to stream or record the screens of all the monitors.

Multiple number of streams

This feature allows different NVR or DVR or other devices  to receive the IP stream from the computer with running PC-CCTV program simultaniously.  The number of devices which can receive IP stream simultaniously depends on the computer’s network card capability.

Broadcast of third party programs. Software interface.

There is application programming interface which is made using technology COM, Microsoft OlE Automation.You can easy create your own software application, which will be video source for PC-CCTV PRO. Examples of such software you can see here.