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ONVIF dialog recorder

The software records dialog between devices which support ONVIF protocol for debugging purpose.

The software can  help you in debugging  communication problem which may happen between IP videocamera and NVR devce.

The software is to be installed on a computer with Windows OS. NVR will connect to the software and the software will connect to IP videocamera. The software will pass through itself all the data and will record in the log file all the messages of ONVIP protocol.

ONVIF dialog recorder is freeware!


How to use the software:

  1. Download free zip-archive.
  2. Extract exe-file in any folder, folder need to have write permission.
  3. Start the ONVIF dialog recorder software.
  4. Confirm Windows firewall exception for the software.
  5. Specify camera parameters in the section “Real IP-camera”.
  6. Write down the parameters from “Data for NVR” section and set up your NVR using the data.
  7. Shutdown NVR.
  8. For debugging ONVIF click “Start” button, then turn on the NVR.
  9. Waite for a few minutes, then click “Stop” button.
  10. In the folder where the program was extracted you can find ONVIF dialog log files.

ONVIF dialog recorder system requirements: Windows 7/8/10.

See recorded ONVIF debug dialog sample.

If you have any questions, please ask them in our forum.