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ONVIF authorization error

For example,  you set username and password  in the PC-CCTV program and enter the username and password in the NVR, but NVR  still gives authorization error message.

For correct ONVIF authorization, it is necessary that UTC-time parameter which is set for the camera/PC-CCTV   and UTC-time which is set for the NVR were not differ significantly, the value of the  parameters shouldn’t differ for more than a two minutes.

Usually, at the beginning of the dialoge with ONVIF camera, NVR  requests UTC-time from camera (this operation does not require authorization), and later sends ONVIF requests to the camera using the time. Thereby, even if different UTC-time set for NVR and camera, the authentication process will be successful.

However some NVR’s manufacturers do not implement this algorithm and the NVR operates using its “own time”. If the UTC-time set for camera ( PC-CCTV program) is differ siginficantly from time set for the NVR, the authentication error occurs.

The easiest way to fix this error is to enable the “Do not check time during authentication” option in the program.

In this case, the program will not check the time of received requests, and theoretically, access to the program could be hacked.

In order not to violate the authorization algorithm, to avoid this error, you need to set  the same UTC-time for the PC-CCTV program and for NVR.


  • Setup your NVR  – make sure that NVR receives UTC-time from the NTP-server (any ntp server)
  •  Check that your OS Windows  also receives time from NTP-server (any ntp server)
  •  Open  System tab in the PC-CCTV program and set option “Program uses its own internal time”
  •  Check if the button “Set internal time to value of Windows time” available, that means that time of PC-CCTV program and Windosws time are different –  press the button.
  •  Now the value of PC-CCTV’s UTC-time matches with Windows UTC-time and should match with NVR’s UTC-time.  Y0u shouldn’t have the authentication error anymore.
  •  The value of PC-CCTV’s UTC-time program is displayed in the “System” tab.

Button “Set internal time to value of Windows time” is only available if programs UTC-time is different from the UTC-time Windows.

Attention: Windows displays the local time, which can be different from the UTC-time for a few hours according to your  time zone. The time zone set for Windows and and set for NVR should be the same, however there shouldn’t be a problem if you have different time zones set for computer and NVR. It’s important to set up NVR and Windows computer to receive time from ntp servers.