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In a Windows server, several users can work simultaneously. In this case, the PC-CCTV can track the actions of each user. In the DVR or NVR, each user will have their own “camera”.

It shows how to properly configure PC-CCTV for this case.

  1. In Section Settings/System disable option “Auto start PC-CCTV every tyme the user logs into Windows”
  2. Exit PC-CCTV – right-click on the PC-CCTV icon, select the Exit menu.
  3. In the Windows Task Scheduler, create a task for each user (in this example, for user1):
    1. Trigger: “At log on”, Specific user: user1
    2. Action:
      • Start a program
      • Program/script: “C:\Program Files (x86)\PC-CCTV\PC-CCTV-pro.exe”
      • Arguments: -c “c:\ProgramData\PC-CCTV\user1.cfg”
  4. Make sure that only one user is currently using the Windows server and run the created task for user1. PC-CCTV starts up – an icon appears in the Windows notification area.
  5. Configure PC-CCTV for user1.
    1. Section Settings/Network, ports for all users should be different, for example:
      Port/User user1 user2 user3
      HTTP port 80 8082 8084
      RTSP port 554 5554 5555
      First RTP port 6970 (100 ports) 7070 (100 ports) 7170 (100 ports)
      RTSP over HTTP port 8080 8083 8085
    2. Section Settings/Users add the user under which the DVR or NVR will connect.
    3. Exit PC-CCTV – right-click on the PC-CCTV icon, select the Exit menu.
  6. Repeat steps 3, 4 , 5 for all users.
  7. Register the created “cameras” in the DVR or NVR.
  8. Check the operation of the DVR or NVR.
  9. In the tasks created in step 3, in the actions, add the -invisible argument. The action arguments will look like this:
    -c “c:\ProgramData\PC-CCTV\user1.cfg” -invisible
    Now the PC-CCTV icon will not be displayed.